MNM Bailadora Rose

MNM Bailadora Rose (MNM Adagio x Clononeen Fanore) - Born 4-09 2011!! Beautiful Bay Mare.

Bailey has been in the Midwest Horse Fair line-up and Minnesota Horse Expo for several years and in 2020 took some time off. Bailey had a stunning colt for Keri and she is bred for a 2021 foal for Julie.

In 2013 Keri Rogalla and I purchased Bailey, a beautiful 2 year old bay mare. Bailey has been to a couple shows in the past year or so. BUT this year she went to Minnesota Horse Fair, 2015 with Beth Johnson up. She was unflappable.



Here is a shot of Bailey and Keri on a trail ride.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, please come back soon.

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