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Rosewater Miss Bonnie - (Gypsy Treasures Lil' Vader x Rosewater Red Robyn), GV11627 Born 5-16-2023. Multiple champion mare Red Robyn's second foal is a black/white tobiano. She is a big filly, she is solid and has substance, very friendly, should finish 14.3 hands. She is E/e a/a PSSM1 n/n FIS n/n If you are interested in this foal, please contact me. Asking $9500. Here is Robyn's Page. Photo of Vader is in the Shannon listing below. Email: rosewaterfarm01 @

Top photos are from late December, 2023. We have nothing but rain so she is not clean, they are out daily.

Rosewater Miss Violet - (Mickey Finn x Clononeen Niamh), Born 5-04-2008 - Out of our Grand Champion In Hand Mare - Clononeen Niamh who was imported from Ireland in 2004. Violet is a rock star not only in show but she has been one of our lead mares for Midwest Horse Fair for years since her dam has retired. She also successfully represented our farm at the Minnesota Horse Expo for many years. She was 1st in Best Bred By in 2010 at the Heartland Fall Classic as a youngster and you can view a list of some of her accomplishments here on Violet's Page. Due to some health issues I need to find her a good home. She has been trained by Keri Rogalla (Rogalla's Riding Center) and you can contact Keri on Facebook to get her training information. Here is her pedigree: Miss Violet 14.2-3 hands, Ee aa nT PSSM1 - n/P1

Rosewater Larissa - (St Clarins x Clononeen Niamh), Born 6-14-2009 - Also out of our Grand Champion In Hand Mare - Clononeen Niamh and half sister to Miss Violet. Larissa is a carbon copy of her dam, she is 15 hands, very sweet and is a great trail horse. She has a big trot, has been shown and is also in the Midwest Horse Fair lineup and the Minnesota Horse Expo for several years. She is a great ambassador and is good with little ones petting and giving her hugs. Larissa and Violet thrill the crowds taking the last round in the coliseum flat out, so fast the camera blurs. Larissa also has her own page here: Larissa's Page Due to some health issues I need to find her a good home. She has been trained by Keri Rogalla (Rogalla's Riding Center) and you can contact Keri on Facebook to get her training information. Here is her pedigree: Larissa Silver Dappled Filly nT EE aa nZ, PSSM1 - N/N

Rosewater Jasmine - (Gitt My Mojito x Clononeen Lismore) - May 13, 2021 - Bay tobiano. This exceptional filly came into the world yesterday afternoon. She is a big girl and has long legs with a sweet disposition. Very inquisitive and extremely friendly. Lismore is a consistent producer of quality fillies and she is officially retired. Jasmine is breeding and show quality and expected to reach 15+hands.

Here dam Lismore, is an imported Irish black and white mare, who was shown very successfully and then had several very successful foals, this filly is her last foal and what an amazing filly she is!! Sire is Gitt My Mojito who is a solid bay stallion sired by Taskin!! This filly is Tall, super super quiet went to her first two gypsy shows and was great!! Ties, leads loads great for farrier and super quiet to be handled!! Her full sister Rosewater Corabelle's photo is below under the sold horses.

Here is her pedigree: Rosewater Jasmine She is available for your consideration. PSSM1/Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIS) N/N - Email: rosewaterfarm01 @ or contact Keri Rogalla on facebook.

Photo From July 2023

Photos From July 2022

Clononeen Lismore & Jasmine

A few days old
Sire: Gitt My Mojito

Rosewater Shannon - (Gypsy Treasures Lil' Vader x MNM Bailadora Rose) - May 16, 2021. A lovely bay roan gelding came into our lives over a week early. He is stunning with excellent conformation, a friendly disposition and he is very light on his feet. DNA sample confirmed he is a bay roan. Ee Rn/N. Here is his pedigree: Shannon This gelding is available for your consideration. Email: rosewaterfarm01 @

Photos taken April 27, 2024

Photos taken October 2022

First Photo Taken August 2021


SOLD - Rosewater Silverado Hermits Harlaquin Moon x N'Co Bikers Revenue Trouble DCG - Smokey Silver Dapple Tobiano Gelding

SOLD - N'Co Bikers Revenue Trouble DCG: Mr Biker Conners N'Co x N'Co Fascination - Black and White Mare

SOLD - Rosewater Corabelle: Gitt My Mojito x Clononeen Lismore - Bay and White Mare

SOLD - Rosewater Gaelen Patrick: Gaelic Dancer (Gladstone of Bayhaven) x Lass) x Clononeen Sinead - Black and White Gelding

Gaelen Jan, 2016. He is 14.3 hands.

SOLD - Rosewater Regan Alan: (Buckley of Finnegan's Fields x Clononeen Niamh - Black and White Gelding

Regan photo from July, 2014

SOLD - Rosewater Chamomile: (Dunbrody x Clononeen Sinead)
Gray Filly nT EE aa Gg

Chamomile April, 2010

SOLD - Clononeen Duvlinn - (Clononeen Dubh) Black Mare. Here she is doing the log pull with Jeff 2009

SOLD - Rosewater Cassidy - (BSG Taliesin x Clononeen Sinead) Black and White Colt.

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