2008 Filly

Olivia has the famous Rose line in her pedigree:
Her dam is BF Gypsy Rose (Sids Good Stallion X The Rose (full sister to Panda Rose)
Sid's Good Stallion is (The Dock Tail Horse X Daughter of the Lob).

Olivia is sired by The Lion King (Son of Lad X PO Mare)

Her pedigree can be seen here: Olivia Rose of Rosewater

Heartland Fall Classic: Show Photos

Olivia is bred to Gitt My Mojito for a 2018 foal.

Gypsy Foal
Gitt My Mojito Taskin Foundation Stallion    
Foundation Mare    
Villa Vanners Glory Bullet The Business
(aka The Boss)
The Boss UK
Foundation Mare
Foundation Mare  
Old Whiskey River The Producer
(aka The Buck Horse)
The Road Sweeper
Bobby Rayfields Good Mare
Barbary Coast Foundation Stalion
Foundation Mare
Olivia Rose of Rosewater The Lion King Son of Robert Watsons Old Horse Robert Watsons Old Horse The Road Sweeper
RWS Mare  
PO Mare Old Henry The Sham Horse
Foundation Mare
The Old PO Mare Foundation Stallion
The First PO Mare
BF Gypsy Rose Sids Good Stallion The Docked Tail Horse Little Paddy
Foundation Horse UK
Daughter of the Lob The Lob Eared Horse
Conners Mare
The Rose Foundation Stallion  
Sids Old Rose The Lob Eared Horse
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Her first show 2012 with Keri Rogalla Trainer



Photos from 2010

We hope to show her next year, she is in training with Keri Rogalla

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