N'Co Bikers Revenue Trouble DCG

N'Co Bikers Revenue Trouble DCG (Mr Biker Conners N'Co x N'Co Fascination) - Born 4/15/2013!!

This beautiful Black/White Mare has a fabulous personality, we call her Reba. She is sweet and gentle, has a big calm eye, short sweet head, about 14 hands and well bodied. Reba is bred to Hermits Harlaquin Moon ( Frilenis Ailill x Hermits Ramona) for a May 14, 2020 foal. This foal is for sale, if interested please contact me.
Here is Reba's pedigree: Pedigree



Bred to Hermits Harlaquin Moon:


Photos compliments of Lace Feather Gypsies

Reba's Sire: Mr. Biker Conners N'Co:


Reba's Dam: NíCo. Fascination:


Photos compliments of N'Co Gypsy Vanner

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